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In January and February UU Innovation will host a workshop about the tool Impact Planning Canvas that can assist researchers in describing the long-term effects of the work they are doing as well as how to accomplish those effects. Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt.

Impact Planning Canvas is a tool for identifying the possible impact and planning for how you can achieve it in the best way. In January and February, UU Innovation will host a workshop where you will have the opportunity to learn about the tool, and also apply it to your own project.

Perhaps you are currently planning a research project or are struggling with the impact section in your research application? Perhaps you have a strong drive to create societal impact but simply don’t know where to start?

Planning for Research Impact is a workshop for researchers and PhD students interested in accelerating the impact of their research. In this workshop you will learn about a method to plan and design your research projects with impact in mind from the beginning.

“To this workshop UU Innovation welcomes researchers from all fields who want learn how to plan their research impact with the Impact Planning Canvas tool. It’s an effective method for identifying the possible impact and planning for how you can achieve it in the best way. Based on research results and on the researcher’s terms,” says Hillevi Englund, business advisor at UU Innovation.

Develop a draft in less than an hour

The workshop will be highly participatory and will provide practical knowledge and skills. After an introduction to the research impact concept as well as being introduced to the tool, the participants will have the possibility to use their own research as a base for the exercise. Practical help and guidance from UU Innovation’s advisors will be given for individual support.

“I would say that the best thing about the tool is that you will have a draft of a plan in less than an hour. As your project or application develops this plan can easily be updated. In addition it provides a clear and structured way to describe the common thread of a project, and not least to ensure that it is consistent,” says Hillevi Englund and continues:

“If you are curious to explore how results from your research can create impact in society, now or in the future, I would definitely recommend that you take this opportunity to learn this method. It is time well invested,” concludes Hillevi Englund.

Two upcoming workshops

The workshop Planning for Research Impact is offered on two occasions and is held online on Zoom:

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Last modified: 2023-12-01