Innovation prize awarded to Uppsala student


Mamduh Halawa stands in a park in the fall
Mamduh Halawa has been awarded the second prize of SEK 75,000 for his Zeeds app by the SKAPA foundation, which annually awards an innovation prize to young innovators. Photo: Johan Wahlgren.

Hello there… Mamduh Halawa, a student in the Psychology Programme at Uppsala University, who developed the Zeeds app and is now being honoured with the “SKAPA-talang” innovation award for young innovators in the national finals. 

What kind of app is Zeeds?

“Zeeds is basically an application that helps people create meaningful habits. It does this by helping people identify what they value, and breaking down these values into concrete behaviours. When the behaviours are registered, plants grow in a virtual garden. Zeeds is a therapeutic tool for both individuals and psychologists. Zeeds enables psychologists to manage homework assignments digitally, while providing live data on behaviours, mood levels and values in their portal. This reduces administration time and increases adherence to psychological treatment.”

How did you come up with the idea?

“In the later semesters of my psychology programme, I became frustrated with the lack of sleek, digital and scalable tools to help people feel better. That's where the idea of a gamified therapeutic process was born, to help people activate good behaviours.”

How does the app reach new users?

“Zeeds is available for download wherever apps are available, and is spread by satisfied users telling others about it. For psychologists, we offer an account on the portal for free, and then charge based on the number of active users per month.”

How important is this award to you?

“Naturally, it’s great to get such a strong seal of approval for our product. Both the product and the company are still in their infancy. Financially, all funds are welcome, and the prize money of SEK 75,000 allows us to perform some business-critical activities.”

And what lies ahead?

“Finalising the solution we offer psychologists. We are now investigating all legal issues related to the portal. We are also doing some asset-raising, and hope to bring in SEK 1–2 million to fund the activities we see ahead.”


  • SKAPA-talang is an innovation award for people up to 30 years of age who have made notable contributions in terms of innovation and creativity, developing products and services that can lead to commercial opportunities.
  • The award is first given at the county level, and then at the national level.
  • The award is given by stiftelsen SKAPA [SKAPA Foundation], which was established in memory of Alfred Nobel in 1985. 
  • The foundation is run by Stockholmsmässan [Stockholm Exhibition Centre] and Svenska Uppfinnareföreningen [Swedish Inventors’ Association], with support from Almi Företagspartner AB, VINNOVA, Stiftelsen Agne Johanssons Minnesfond [Agne Johansson Memorial Foundation] and the Swedish Patent and Registration Office.

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Last modified: 2023-12-01