The UU Innovation team grows stronger with new business advisor


Picture of Ingrid Ajaxon
Ingrid Ajaxon joins the UU Innovation team from the Uppsala University spin-off company Disruptive Materials. Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt.

As of 1 November, Ingrid Ajaxon is the new business advisor at UU Innovation. She joins the team from Uppsala-based Disruptive Materials, which brought the groundbreaking material Upsalite to market.

When Ingrid Ajaxon steps into the position of business advisor at UU Innovation, she brings with her experience and networks from several years of working in both academia and large and small companies. She is a materials scientist with a passion for the application of materials science in life sciences and, not least, innovation work.

Ingrid Ajaxon holds a doctoral degree in materials science from Uppsala University. During her doctoral studies, she has seen the birth and growth of several companies from new results and discoveries. It was also to one of these spin-off companies that she went shortly after successfully defending her doctoral thesis. At Disruptive Materials, which commercialises Upsalite (a porous material with unique absorption properties), Ingrid has been involved in both developing new ideas and validating more mature ideas as Senior Researcher and later as Acting Head of Research and Development. She has participated in a major product launch, and has been involved in business strategy issues related to intellectual property rights and contracts.

“My time at Disruptive Materials has been very fun and educational. I am now looking forward to using all this knowledge in my new job as business advisor at UU Innovation,” says Ingrid Ajaxon. She then continues:

“Getting the chance to meet researchers and students with different types of ideas and interesting research results make this job very exciting. The University has such an incredible breadth and innovative power, and I want nothing more than to roll up my sleeves and get to work.”

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Last modified: 2023-12-01