Nominate candidates for the Innovation Prize Hjärnäpplet 2021


Nominate your candidate between 22 March and 25 April 2021. All Uppsala university employees may nominate and contribute to the process of appointing this year's winner of the Uppsala University Innovation Prize - Hjärnäpplet.

Take the opportunity to nominate a colleague who has developed, or significantly contributed to the development of, new or improved ways of working, methods, services or products that create value for people and society. The innovation(s) resulting from his/her research may have occured in a new company and/or existing company/organisation.

How to nominate

Nominate through this online form. You can make multiple nominations.

Recipients of Uppsala University’s Innovation Prize:

2020: Sara Mangsbo
2019: Helena Danielson
2018: Håkan Engqvist
2017:  Hans Lennernäs
2016:  Maria Strømme
2015:  Lars Wallentin och Stefan James
2014:  Mats Leijon
2013:  Ulf Landegren
2012:  Fredrik Bruhn
2011:  Axel Lundvall och Fredrik Nikolajeff
2010:  Stefan Johansson
2009:  Lars Stolt
2008:  Claes-Göran Granqvist

More information

For more information or if you have further questions, please contact: Malin Graffner Nordberg, Head of group at UU Innovation,

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