Diversifying the past with digital technology


Anna Foka, Associate Professor in Information Technology and the Humanities at Uppsala University.

"We are all one humanity, so how do we use technology to communicate that?" asks Anna Foka in this short talk. The question clearly captures her focus and drive as a researcher.

Anna Foka is active in the field of digital humanities at the Department of ABM (archives, libraries, museums). Her research is about digital methods and tools that enable us to see cultural heritage collections and objects in a new light. The driving force is to enrich and diversify the past to create a future that is characterized by greater inclusion and cohesion between people and cultures. She recently received SEK 4.9 million from the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Memorial Fund for the four-year project "Quantifying culture: A study of AI and cultural heritage collections". She has also been granted funding from Uppsala University to, in collaboration with the World Culture Museums in Sweden, investigate and develop digital and inclusive learning experiences for school students based on the museums' collections.

Welcome to listen to a short talk with Anna Foka:

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Last modified: 2023-07-21