Researchers need to support the implementation of new knowledge


In picture Anna Sarkadi
Anna Sarkadi. Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt.

As a professor of social medicine, she has the entire population as her patient. Anna Sarkadi's research concerns societal interventions to prevent child and parent mental health problems and promote wellbeing. She sees her research group as a resource that can have an influence on the national arena and she firmly claims that it is simply not enough to publish scientifically, not if you, like her, work with applied research. As a researcher, she thinks it is important to work to ensure that the knowledge that is produced is also implemented. Even so, she knows from her own experience, which includes parental support in preschool environments and methods in child health care, that implementing research is not easy.

“Implementing evidence-based practice is a huge challenge for our welfare society,” says Anna in this interview.

Welcome to listen to a short talk with Anna Sarkadi (in Swedish):

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Last modified: 2023-11-29