Develops new tool for profiling potential perpetrators of violence


Nazar Akrami
Nazar Akrami, researcher in psychology at Uppsala University and one of the inventors of Dechefr.

Which people are interested in using peaceful methods and which are prone to resorting to violence to accomplish something? And how can we measure risk indicators for extreme behaviors? These are questions of great interest to Nazar Akrami, associate professor of psychology, in his research on prejudice and attitudes linked to personality. Together with research colleagues at his own department and the Swedish Defense Research Agency, FOI, he has developed a tool that, with the help of algorithms, will help find potential perpetrators of violence, as well as terrorists. The tool can automatically and quickly analyze large amounts of text online based on a range of psychological variables and focuses on assessing the risks of violent and terrorist acts. The tool has aroused great interest among analysts at police authorities around the world and is now being tested by the FBI.

“The interest is there and it comes from different places so there is probably a need, we absolutely believe so,” says Nazar Akrami in this interview.

The tool has been named Dechefr, which is a clear flirtation with the word "decipher" and is now being developed commercially within a company that the researchers started for that purpose.

Welcome to listen to a short talk with Nazar Akrami (in Swedish):

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Last modified: 2022-11-17