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Louise von Essen
Louise von Essen.

Louise von Essen is a professor of caring science and program director for U-CARE - a strategic research initiative for psychological care via the Internet. At U-CARE, Louise and her research team are developing innovative treatment programs to improve the mental health of people suffering from diseases such as cancer, dementia and heart problems, for both patients and their loved ones. Involving those affected by the research is a natural course of action for Louise and her colleagues and something she thinks more people could be better at. The knowledge that researchers at U-CARE have now built up over 10 years also includes how to design studies to be able to conduct valuable and relevant research. Presently, her thoughts are occupied with how the knowledge of conducting relevant clinical research can be packaged and disseminated to others.

Welcome to listen to a short talk with Louise von Essen (in Swedish):

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Last modified: 2023-07-21