Susanne Bredenberg is new business advisor at Uppsala University Innovation


Picture of Susanne Bredenberg
Susanne Bredenberg. Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt.

She has experience from working as a researcher within academia and the pharmaceutical industry, and she has built a company from the ground up. Now she is looking forward to helping other researchers make use of their results outside academia. Uppsala University Innovation welcomes Susanne Bredenberg as a new business advisor.

Susanne Bredenberg has for many years divided her working time between academia and industry and she describes that interface as very exciting.

“I strongly believe that collaboration and mobility between academia and industry promotes both the university's research and the development of new companies,” says Susanne.

She is a trained pharmacist and earned her PhD in pharmacy, more specifically pharmaceutical formulation, at Uppsala University in 2003. In addition, she has studied an executive MBA-program at Stockholm School of Economics. Susanne joins Uppsala University Innovation from a position as CEO at the small pharmaceutical company, Emplicure AB, which she co-founded in 2014. Emplicure started out as a project within the company Orexo where Susanne previously led cross-functional teams for evaluation of project ideas. In parallel with her work at Orexo, she was part of Professor Håkan Engqvist’s research team in applied materials science at Uppsala University. As a result of that industry-academic collaboration, the company Emplicure was founded jointly by Susanne, Håkan and Orexo’s founder Thomas Lundqvist. Today, the company has two products in the pipeline with technologies for safer treatment of chronic pain.

It is with great enthusiasm she is now taking the step from running a small company to that of advising and supporting researchers who want to utilise research results.

“Drawing on my experience from creating innovative products from research results and building a company from the ground up, I hope to be able to contribute to that more ideas from Uppsala University researchers can find their way to market. It will be very exciting to see the breadth of ideas and I am very much looking forward to meeting and coaching researchers in all the issues that arise in a commercialisation process,” says Susanne.

One of those issues is the importance of building a strong team - a group of people who joins forces to transform an idea into a solution that can be utilised in society. Susanne emphasizes that it is difficult to manage on your own:

“You will need a team, but that team can include different people during different phases of the idea’s development depending on what skills and resources are needed at any given point in time. Uppsala University Innovation can help the researcher to get a head start by having the idea tested and verified. In that process, we also look at what is needed going forward in terms of resources to ensure a continued positive development.”

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Last modified: 2022-07-05