Time to nominate candidates for the Uppsala University Innovation Prize 'Hjärnäpplet' 2020


Prize sculpture

Now is the time to nominate your candidate for Uppsala University's Innovation Prize Hjärnapplet. The prize consists of a diploma, a sculpture and SEK 50,000. Nominate your candidate by 26 April.

The Uppsala University Innovation Prize ‘Hjärnäpplet’ is awarded to one or more researchers or doctoral students for outstanding transference of knowledge from the University to a company and/or other external organisation that has resulted in an innovation. This innovation may have come about in a new or existing company or organisation.

The winner of the Innovation Prize 2020 will be declared in June. The prize is conferred in connection with the annual inauguration of professors.

All Uppsala university employees may nominate suitable candidates.

To nominate a person for Uppsala University’s Innovation Award – Hjärnäpplet, you must provide:

  • Motivation including a background
  • Description on how knowledge transfer has occurred
  • Information about the resulting innovation(s)

Nominate your candidate by filling out this form by 26 April 2020.

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Further information Jonas Åström, Uppsala University Innovation.

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