Four reasons for Uppsala University PhDs and researchers to take the course on intellectual property and commercialisation


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Are you curious of commercialisation? Would you like to increase your understanding of the various intellectual property (IP) tools that are out there and how they play an important role in the utilisation of research? In that case, Uppsala University Innovation’s course on IP and commercialisation can be something for you. Here are four good reasons to register for the course.

“With a basic understanding of intellectual property, researchers become better equipped to add value to their research”, says Nhils Forslund, business advisor at Uppsala University Innovation and course coordinator.

The course in intellectual property and commercialisation includes four half-day seminars and may provide 3 ECTS. It is open to PhD students and employees from all disciplinary domains at Uppsala University. Uppsala University Innovation gives the course in collaboration with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (Patent- och registreringsverket, PRV).

Are you interested in the course? Here are four good reasons to register:

Learn about different ways to protect your research results
Intellectual property involves ownership of a knowledge asset. And where are knowledge assets found, if not in academia? As a doctoral student or researcher at Uppsala University, you own the rights to your results. Get a basic grasp of how to manage knowledge assets using copyright, patents, design protection and trademark protection.

Find useful information from patents
Patent databases are an indispensable source of information as they contain information that cannot always be found in scientific publications. Learn how to search for patent information in your research area and to interpret technical and legal information in patent documents, and thereby obtain a more complete picture of the state of knowledge in your field of research.

Build a compelling presentation about your research project
Learn about useful tools for structuring and presenting your project from a commercial point of view. Being able to distill your innovative idea and form an easy-flowing story is very beneficial. Not least when you talk to investors or apply for funding.

Commercialisation routes
There is rarely just one way to do things. This also applies to the process of utilising research results. You will get an overview of various ways to take an idea to market. You will learn how to perform an inventory of the different types of knowledge assets in your research project and how intellectual property tools can be used to protect them in order to strengthen the commercial potential.

Have questions about the course? 

If you have any questions about the course, or how Uppsala University Innovation can help you accelerate the impact of your research, please contact Nhils Forslund.

Registration is open!

The course runs from 3 March to 24 March 2020 and registration is open. Register by 21 February.

Follow this link to read more about the course and to register.

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