18 December 2019 - Hermann Dürr


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How does your research contribute to a better world?

"Huge machines in laboratories such as CERN in Geneva (accelerators) are used to smash atomic particles together in order to identify what the world around us is made of. There are, however, accelerators on our doorsteps which are used daily to improve everyone’s health. For instance when we get x-rayed at the doctor’s we are using an accelerator. In Uppsala’s Scandion Clinic a large accelerator is used to treat cancer tumors. Many hospitals nowadays operate compact accelerators to locate, image and treat tumors and there is a growing market to make accelerators smaller.

In my research I use accelerators to study complex materials. Those experiments can be performed at large-scale facilities such as MAX IV in Lund. To improve the outcome of experiments one needs to constantly upgrade accelerators and instrumentation. At Uppsala University’s FREIA laboratory we are at the cutting edge of developing novel accelerator based instrumentation for research and the many other applications necessary in a complex world."

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