16 December 2019 - Anna Foka


How does your research contribute to a better world?

"Historically, culture and heritage are concepts that take shape via dominant, national, patriarchal or even religious narratives, often feeding current and ongoing political conflict. As technology weaves itself in the fabric of human condition, it has the power to illuminate complexity, beyond structures of power, by describing and communicating heritage in an unconstrained  manner, enabled by web standards, or even by simply linking together otherwise disparate information about our common past.

My research into digital methods and tools that enable the future organisation, quantification and enrichment of historical texts and heritage objects, promotes cultural diversity and complexity, essentially celebrating our common human condition. It can inform developments in policy making, government bodies, and other stakeholders, e.g. heritage organisations, at a time when there is a global mission to examine heritage materials critically. Most importantly, it aims at showing that all cultures, no matter how geographically disparate or culturally diverse, can co-exist as together they form humanity."

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