15 December 2019 - Urban Wiklund


How does your research contribute to a better world?

"More efficient ways of production, more energy efficient transports and a sustainable use and recycling of components are today more urgent than ever. Frictional losses in machinery, use of excessive amounts of complex lubricants or use of over-sized machinery that lessens the effects of high friction and wear of components that necessitates replacements are all phenomena that counteract sustainable usage of energy and materials. Tribology is a field of science that focuses on the mechanisms of friction and wear and the means for controlling these.

In my research, carefully controlled tribological experiments, dedicated to resemble contacts in machinery or contacts involving different materials around us, are central. Studies of the contacting surfaces reveal how the material change in composition and structure and provide tail signs of which mechanisms have been active in the contacts. Such knowledge is paramount when developing new materials, lubricants and mechanical designs that contribute to sustainability through minimized friction and wear."

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