13 December 2019 - Gustaf Gredebäck


Gustaf Gredebäck

How does your research contribute to a better world?

"My research focuses on small children’s cognitive and emotional development and how infants and children take an active role in constructing their own world. At the same time as we map out the capacities of the youngest members of society we have also started to understand the long-term effect of early experiences. In short, we can see that the wellbeing of infants matters, for the small child and the family, but also for his/her long-term development into school and beyond. There is a fantastic capacity in young children to thrive and a strong motivation to learn, but this development can only be as good as the society and context in which a child is brought up.

We need to take care of generations to come, by providing a solid ground for them to grow and develop, this is true for infants and children raised in Sweden, but also for those newly arrived, and those living in other societies across the globe."

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