5 December 2019 - Anders Karlén


Anders Karlén

How does your research contribute to a better world?

"The rise of bacteria resistant to the current frontline of antibiotics presents a serious threat to global public health. There is therefore a critical need for new antibiotics that operate via novel modes of action to overcome existing resistance mechanisms. Unfortunately, the antibacterial pipeline is underdeveloped and most compounds with potential are in early phases of clinical trials. 

My research is aimed towards finding novel starting points for antibacterial drug discovery and to develop their potential as drug candidates. Using different approaches, we “hunt” for small molecules that affect essential targets and thereby kill bacteria. We are a multidisciplinary team of medicinal chemists, microbiologists and biochemists working in the early phase of drug discovery. If successful in our goals, we will have contributed towards addressing one of the major health care challenges of our age."

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