UU Innovation strengthens its team with a new patent information specialist


Sara Petersson.

Sara Petersson is a new patent information specialist at UU Innovation and she brings with her a broad technical expertise and the drive to contribute to more research being used in society.

Sara Petersson joins UU Innovation from the Swedish Patent and Registration Office, PRV, where she worked for more than two years with novelty searches, patentability assessments and patent applications. Her technical expertise is broad and includes pharmaceuticals, foods, analytical instruments, immunology and diagnostic methods. Her work at PRV have contributed to her being well versed in Swedish patent law and in the regulations surrounding international applications, PCT. Sara is also familiar with other forms of IP protection, such as trademark, design and copyright.

“It’s been a great experience working at PRV, but it was time for a new challenge and the position as patent information specialist fits me perfectly because I very much enjoy the element of detective work,” says Sara.

She continues by saying that she likes to get acquainted with new areas and new technologies. She also appreciates having direct contact and discussions with researchers. Prior to PRV, Sara worked as research engineer at BioVis, a technology platform at Uppsala University, where she mainly assisted researchers from different parts of the university in planning experiments, performing analysis and evaluating data.

“Meeting new researchers daily and learning about their wide-ranging problems was very stimulating and kept me up to date in many areas,” she says.

Sara spent her years as a doctoral student at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU, in Umeå where she focused on plants, hormone regulation, analytical instruments, analytical chemistry and method development. But it was already during her undergraduate years in Copenhagen that she became interested in intellectual property.

“With a patent, one can dare to invest in an idea. It becomes a tool for new solutions to be realized and used,” Sara believes, but adds that a patent is not a universal solution to commercial success.

“It’s important to put intellectual property into a context, to think strategically about the business benefit.”

As a patent information specialist at UU Innovation, it is Sara's job to help researchers do novelty searches and interpret the information. Is the idea new? Does it have an inventive potential? Is the idea sufficient for a patent application?

“My field of work is a lot about penetrating the specific field of research and patent databases are an important source. Patent information, which can include technical information one may not find in scientific articles, does reveal a lot of the research being conducted in industry.”

Being able to work closely with researchers and in teams together with business advisors and IP advisors, Sara points out as one of the best things with the job at UU Innovation.

- I’m glad to be back at Uppsala University! I’m convinced that there is a lot of hidden potential in the research being conducted, and helping realize ideas that can make a difference in society is a strong driving force for me.

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