Kerstin Ekelöf is new IP advisor at UU Innovation


Kerstin Ekelöf.

An avid chemist and enthusiastic cyclist has now joined UU Innovation's team of IP advisors. Kerstin Ekelöf has extensive experience in intellectual property issues in drug development and she looks forward to getting into the details of such research, as well as other research areas.

Kerstin Ekelöf joins UU Innovation from a position as a patent consultant in life science at the patent consultancy firm Zacco in Stockholm. Prior to that, she had two different roles at the drug development company Medivir. For the first few years, she worked as a drug chemist in the research department with the design and synthesis of potential drug candidates. She then switched roles to IP manager in the company's patent department.

“It was somewhat of a career change and it's not something I regret, on the contrary! Working with patents means that I get to know a lot about what is happening in the research front,” she says.

As IP advisor at UU Innovation, Kerstin will help researchers with novelty searches and patentability assessments, and provide advice on patenting strategies. Her experience of writing patent applications, determining inventiveness when submitting new patent applications and how the patenting process works in different countries is also part of her new role.

Kerstin says that working at Medivir included a close collaboration with the company’s researchers. Digging into research results and reports, scientific articles and regulations was commonplace.

“To constantly learn new things and interact with researchers are parts of my work that I have always appreciated.”

Kerstin earned a PhD in organic chemistry in 1996 at Stockholm University. Since her time as a doctoral student, she has enjoyed sharing her knowledge with others, and she is glad that there will be plenty of opportunities to participate in educational initiatives in her new role. In addition, she looks forward to expanding her knowledge into new areas.

“I think organic drug molecules are fun, but I find it exciting to also work with, for example, polymers and ideas about chemistry and medical technology.”

Working together with others towards a common goal triggers Kerstin.

“I think it’s fantastic that there is such a strong IP support in place for the Uppsala University researchers. In addition, IP advisors work in teams with business advisors and collaboration managers to create the best possible conditions for research to be useful outside of academia, she says and continues:

“Even if an idea can be protected by a patent, there must be commercial potential, otherwise the costs will outweigh the benefits of such a patent.

Kerstin lives in Stockholm and one day a week she works at KTH's innovation office, which has a collaboration with UU Innovation on intellectual property law expertise.

In her spare time, Kerstin likes to be active and cycling has become a favorite hobby. Soon she is travelling to Mallorca for a bicycle trip.

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