Materials company in Uppsala launches special toothpaste


Håkan Engqvist, Professor of Materials Science, has developed a material that is used in toothpaste to alleviate dentin hypersensitivity. Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt.

Hello there... Håkan Engqvist, Professor of Materials Science at Uppsala University and co-founder of Psilox, the company bringing new biomaterials to the dental market. Psilox has now launched its first product under the brand name Caposal.

What does Psilox do?
“Psilox is an Uppsala-based materials company founded in 2013. We manufacture a bioceramic powder for use in dentistry that we have trademarked as Caposal. In the first product, the material is used to combat dentin hypersensitivity and, simply put, can help people alleviate the symptoms of sensitive teeth. We work in a network with partners who develop and manufacture the end-user products, with us acting as the raw material supplier of Caposal.”

The biomaterial you developed is patented. What makes it unique?
“It is a powder made of calcium phosphate, and we produce the powder with a very specific form and size distribution. The granules we produce are round and very small.”

How did the biomaterial end up in a toothpaste?
“The material has a wide range of applications, but we chose to start with dental products because the size, spherical shape and chemical composition are ideal for plugging open dentinal tubules and provide a good environment for rebuilding dental tissue. Competing technologies are based on other chemical compositions, granule shapes and sizes, or are based on proteins that adhere to the tooth surface.”

What is the research behind it?
“It is research into production methods for calcium phosphate salts, where we are working on a new precipitation method. We have been working on this research for a long time, well over 10 years now.”

What is happening with Psilox now?
“Psilox is developing really well and has built up a production facility in Uppsala. There is a very strong focus on being able to produce enough material to meet current and future needs. In addition, more products are being developed, all of which will have Caposal as a common ingredient.”

FACTS: Psilox

  • Psilox was founded in 2013 by the holding companies at Uppsala University and the University of Gothenburg, the national centre of excellence Biomatcell, and researchers, 2 of whom are active researchers at Uppsala University.
  • Psilox has offices and production facilities in the Ultuna area of Uppsala, with five employees.

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Last modified: 2023-12-01