The UU Innovation seminar series Take Off

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Join us to build your skills to improve impact.

To the UU Innovation seminar series Take Off, we are welcoming all PhD students, postdocs and researchers at Uppsala University who are interested in learning more about research impact beyond academia.

Do you want to discover new opportunities for creating impact with your research? Do you want to gain a deeper insight into the different impact dimensions and how they relate to your research? Could you benefit from concrete tools and advice for impact planning? If so, the Take Off seminar series is for you.

A mini series to give you a head start

This seminar series is focused on introducing the concept of impact and its many aspects. In addition you will be introduced to a useful method to structure your thoughts around research impact and get an overview of your research from an impact point of view. It includes two seminars and a concluding workshop session.

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Breakfast and useful contacts included

In addition to building you skills to improve impact, you will have the opportunity to meet with fellow colleagues from across the university and hence broaden your network. What's more, by taking part you will get to know many members from the Uppsala University Innovation team - advisors who can provide support in your own projects moving forward.

And what about breakfast? Don't worry, we have thought about that too! A breakfast kit will be sent to your work address prior to the start of the first seminar.

See you on Zoom!

We will meet with you online on Zoom. A zoom link will be sent to you prior to each seminar. 

Register by 13 January

Open to PhD students, postdocs and researchers in all disciplines at Uppsala University. Registration is closed.

Participant quote

"Recently my application for a Formas mobility grant was successful. In their funding statement, the committee highlighted that the impact of the project was well documented. I think it really helped me to have an initial brainstorming with you what impact actually means. For me, my research seems quite basic with little direct impact. It helped me to talk about the broader picture of impact."

Leoni Esters, researcher at the Department of Earth Sciences.

Step-by-step introduction to impact and planning of impact

20 January at 08:00-08:45  - Why societal impact?

Why should you as a researcher consider to put your knowledge to use outside of academia?

The Swedish higher education act states that ”Universities’ responsibilities include collaboration with the surrounding society and informing the public about their activities to make sure that research results are utilized”. How can this be done, what is your role in all this, and how can your research benefit from such activities? In this seminar we will provide you with examples of research utilisation and discuss how your ability to clearly describe the potential impact of your research will put you in a better position when applying for grants from Vinnova, Forte, Formas and VR, but also Horizon Europe and ERC. What is more, you will get a first glimpse of what an impact journey can look like.

27 January at 08:00-09:45 -  How to create impact in society + planning for impact workshop

Talking of impact is one thing, but how can impact in society really be created? Using the Impact Planning Canvas, we guide you through one efficient tool for describing the impact of your research results. This seminar includes a workshop where you get the opportunity to test the canvas on your own research project.


If you have any questions about the UU Innovation seminar series Take Off, please contact Marie Östlund.

Last modified: 2021-03-12