Financing Opportunities

From the very beginning, funding is often needed to progress the development of your idea. This could involve conducting market research, creating a prototype, or seeking patent and trademark protection. UU Innovation can assist you with financing and connect you with consultants and other experts to gather essential information and save time.

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Funding to test your idea

UU Innovation manages Vinnova's funding programme "Verification for Growth" (VFT). Through this programme, we can gradually offer financing of up to 300,000 SEK per innovation project, which can be used for activities such as patent applications, prototyping, or hiring a consultant for market research.

Activities like these are often not eligible for research grants but can be crucial for advancing your idea towards practical application. Additionally, organising and structuring the necessary efforts might seem challenging when done independently.

Therefore, VFT funding is something you apply for together with us, and we assist you in developing an activity plan based on the specific needs of your idea.

We make decisions about VFT funding every other week.

Verification for Growth (VFT)

You can receive funding for activities like:

  • Customer needs analysis
  • Verification of production methods
  • Analysis of regulatory and legal requirements
  • Technical verification to minimise project risks
  • Patents and/or trademark protection
  • Legal advice and shareholder agreements

Testimonial about VFT funding

"VFT funding has been crucial in taking our project from an idea to a newly established company with initial investments in the multimillion range – from patenting the product, developing a business plan and clinical strategy to a solid foundation for company formation and negotiations with venture capital firms. It is about getting the right things in place at the right time and the incredibly significant mental step that the funding has helped us take. We have always felt that the support from UU Innovation and VFT funding has been in our best interest and to help us take the next step."

Marika Nestor, researcher at the Department of Immunology, Genetics, and Pathology and founder of the company Akiram Therapeutics.

Research funding with earmarked funds for commercialisation

Have you received research funding with specific provisions for activities related to commercialising project results? Congratulations! To enhance your chances of actually using these funds, contact us at UU Innovation, and we will assist you.

Due to the "Professors' Privilege," which means that you, as a researcher, own the rights to research results, the university is often restricted from utilising these funds. However, with early support, it is usually possible to find a workable solution so that you can use these earmarked funds to bring your results closer to application and the market.

Furthermore, the support offered by UU Innovation can complement the activities that can be funded through commercialisation grants and provide an extra boost to the project.

Read more on the University's intranet about what is important to consider when you have received research grants.

Investment from UU Invest

When you are confident that there is a demand for your idea, and other essential aspects are in place, it may be the right time to seek investment to further develop your innovation project. Here, UU Invest can be a potential partner!

UU Invest is a state-owned company managed by Uppsala University. UU Invest invests in promising innovation projects and new companies based on research or education at Uppsala University with the aim of supporting commercialisation and facilitating the transfer of research-based knowledge to society.

The path to UU Invest usually goes through us at UU Innovation. While we assist in evaluating and developing your idea at an early stage, capital and support from UU Invest can pave the way for continued progress towards the market.

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Last modified: 2023-08-24