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Explore our comprehensive support for idea development from research – we are here to help you turn your ideas into reality. Whether you are curious about exploring the potential of your research or already have an idea in progress, we provide a diverse range of support services. Let us guide you through the entire process and provide the backing you need to succeed!

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A sounding board for your curiosity

When you are in the academic world, it can be challenging to see opportunities outside of it. You understand how to publish your results, but perhaps you also see the potential to take your findings further. However, the path might be unclear.

If you are curious about exploring the potential of your research, we are happy to be your sounding board. All you need to do is get in touch with us. Allow us the opportunity to get to know you and your research. After an initial meeting with us, you will gain a clearer picture of possible applications, important considerations for future idea development, and an overview of the support available when you want to transform your results into a practical solution to a problem.

Complementary expertise

You are the subject matter expert in your research area. You don't need any prior knowledge of idea development to get started. We provide expertise that complements your own and a network that can expand your own. Together, we chart the way forward to transform your research results into a useful solution in society.

We help you take the first steps.

It is never too early to tell us about your research or an idea you are working on. You never need to apply for our help, and we don't claim ownership of your idea.

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Engaged support team

To go from an idea to a functioning solution requires motivation and information. We are here to support you throughout the entire process. We assist you in asking the right questions at the right time and finding the answers. Each idea development is unique and relies on various factors, including the idea itself, the design of the future solution, and your development goals. Regardless of your strategy to realise your idea, we act as your sounding board for any questions that arise during the journey.

Structured idea development

While each idea development is unique, we follow a structured method to identify, define, evaluate, and develop your idea. All idea development revolves around ensuring that there is indeed a need for the new solution and understanding how the solution needs to be shaped to be useful and what needs to be done to get it there. We help you systematically illuminate the questions to find the answers, either through our own advisors or external experts.

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NEW! Idea Exploration Programme

Would you like to explore the innovative potential of your idea alongside others? Now, UU Innovation can offer a programme where, over four breakfast seminars, you get to work on your idea, learn more about idea development, and connect with fellow researchers who share your curiosity about research-based innovation. You don't need prior experience in idea development—we'll take the first steps together.

Idea Exploration Programme

Intellectual property and agreements

All ideas involve intellectual property questions, and our experts provide guidance in this area.

To clarify ownership, we first investigate the components of your idea and those who have contributed to it. Then we assist you in examining whether, and if so, how, the use of your idea needs to be controlled and regulated for the conditions to succeed. Once the strategy is clear, we can help you with financing, such as patent and trademark applications, as well as legal advice on ownership and user agreements.

Frequent asked questions about intellectual property and agreements

Take our course!

Learn more about intellectual property rights in research and gain an understanding of how you can identify, control, and utilise what you create. The course is given once per semester and consists of three half-days. For PhD students, the course awards 3 ECTS credits.

Strategic management of research results

Financing for expert support

Through our verification funds (VFT), it is possible to engage the experts needed to strengthen the sustainability of your idea. This could involve a patent attorney specialised in your area, consultants for user surveys, or experts in regulatory matters for your application. The external experts are engaged by us with funding that we assist you in applying for. Of course, we also help you use the information from the experts to take the next steps.

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Once you have started taking steps to develop your idea, you have the opportunity to apply for our popular mentorship programme. In this 10-month programme, you will be matched with a mentor who works outside of academia and contributes knowledge, experience, and a network to help you progress faster with your idea. The mentor serves as additional support, complementing the assistance you always have access to through UU Innovation. Our support for your innovation project continues even after the mentorship programme ends.

UU Innovation's mentorship programme has two program starts per year, in February and September.

Explore the UU Innovation mentor programme

Team development

Idea development is usually faster, better, and more rewarding when done in a team with diverse experiences and perspectives. We help you identify the team your idea needs and the role you want to have in it. We are accustomed to working with researchers who want to be part of the team going forward, as well as with those who prefer someone else to take the lead in advancing the idea.

Preparation for the next step

Regardless of the path you choose to realise your idea, it is essential to present your solution effectively and comprehensibly. We assist you in preparing for presentations and offer practice sessions where you can train and receive feedback in a secure environment.

This will help you fine-tune your presentation for upcoming meetings with users, customers, collaborators, or investors.

This is how we help you sharpen your pitch

Meet other innovators

Woman smiling and talkingBy developing your idea with our support, you become part of a community of researchers who have chosen to do the same. You will be invited to events where you can meet other innovators and exchange thoughts, challenges, and experiences.

Contacts for continued development

UU Innovation is Uppsala University's innovation office and, therefore, the natural first point of contact for researchers who want to develop an idea and create more impact from research results. As your idea development progresses, there are several other actors offering support and opportunities for funding. We help you identify the support you and your idea need and connect you with relevant actors within Uppsala's innovation support system.

Investment and entrepreneurship

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Last modified: 2023-08-31