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Curious about how your research findings can create a positive impact on society? We are by your side early in the process – when an idea or a potential application of a research result begins to take shape – and assist in identifying, evaluating, and developing the potential for commercialisation or other forms of utilisation.

Advice & sounding board

Two women talking and smilingWe provide support in various areas to help you achieve your goals with your idea.

Together, we assess how your idea can progress from an exciting research result to a practical solution that creates broader social and economic value. This includes evaluating the demand for your solution, its regulatory aspects, the most suitable user-friendly format, and any legal considerations.


Woman looking into the camera while a man sitting next to her is talkingTo develop your idea, access to expertise and contacts outside academia is crucial. We offer a broad network to assist you in finding advisors, team members, mentors, or consultants to make your idea a success.

We also guide you towards other players in the innovation support system in Uppsala and nationally, promoting the development of new ideas and businesses.


Woman in profile with a man next to her who is talkingWe offer funding opportunities that you can apply for, together with our assistance, to advance the development of your idea. This may include market research, prototype development, patent or trademark applications.

We also help you evaluate your future funding needs and explore potential sources of funding, such as grants or investments.

How we work - together with you

The sooner you get in touch with us at UU Innovation, the better. During our initial meeting, we will discuss your research. You may have a concrete research result that you believe could create value, or perhaps you are uncertain about the potential for further development and seek assistance in exploring the possibilities.

You need not worry about the extent of your ideas before reaching out to us. The key is your interest in exploring how your research can benefit a broader audience.

Rest assured that all our discussions are confidential. Together, we will work step by step to identify, define, evaluate, and develop your idea. Read more about our three-phase idea development process here. Additionally, we want you to know that our support is designed to allow you to continue your research and teaching while developing your idea.

Meet an advisor

How can you make a difference? Are you curious about how to take your research results beyond academia? Whether you have an idea or not, we are here to support you.

Get in touch with us, and we will schedule a meeting!

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Different paths forward

Innovation involves applying new solutions to address specific needs. This can encompass novel or improved methods, processes, services, or products that are put into practice. We recognise that every innovation project is distinct, and we don't offer one-size-fits-all strategies to transform ideas into innovations.

In some instances, this could entail establishing a new company to bring products or services to the market. In other cases, it might involve collaboration with an existing company or organisation to implement a new method or approach. Alternatively, it could be achieved by transferring or licensing intellectual property rights to another party for further development and commercialisation.

Together with you, we will determine the most suitable path that maximises the potential for your idea to succeed and make an impact.

We love new ideas - especially yours!

How can your findings be put to use beyond your immediate environment? How do you discover the gems in your research - the ideas that could become tomorrow's innovations?

As a researcher, you hold a wealth of opportunities. To explore how your research can be applied and create value beyond the scientific context, you need to identify what you are actually creating in your work. Dig where you stand - we are eager to provide new perspectives on your results!

Get started today by scheduling a meeting with us. Or take our simple self-assessment test and discover how your research can make a meaningful impact.

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Last modified: 2023-07-25