Mentor4Research at Uppsala University

Broaden your horizons

Mentoring programme for researchers and PhD students at Uppsala University. Broaden your horizons. Try something new. Welcome with your application!

Mentor4Research gives you as a researcher the opportunity to work with an experienced mentor to:

  • gain a deeper insight into and understanding of the commercialisation process
  • increase your links with the business community
  • carry out a preliminary evaluation of the commercial potential of your research

The mentors have many years of experience from working outside of academia and are hand-picked based on your individual situation and needs. In addition to personal mentoring the programme includes joint events and workshops, and offers rich networking opportunities, both within and outside of academia.

The programme runs yearly from February to November. The application period is 15 June-15 October each year.

This is how you apply

Open to all, regardless of research field

Mentor4Research is intended for researchers and postgraduate students in all research fields - from science and engineering to medicine, the humanities and social sciences. It requires no prior knowledge of commercialisation, but the programme is especially tailored to those with little or no experience of commercialising research and who want to know more.

3 questions to 3 researchers

We asked three researchers from different research fields to share their view on the Mentor4Research programme by answering three questions.

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New approach to the art of leading and following

Today's leadership theories have run their course. This is the opinion of doctoral student Lykke Silfwerbrand, who is looking to brain research to better understand how we humans best follow and lead each other. At UU Innovation's Mentor4Research programme, she has the support of Christina Jutterström and her vast experience in leadership in the media industry.

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Uppsala University, the first program partners

Uppsala University was the first university in Sweden to become a programme partner and to run Mentor4Research in-house, from 2016 onwards. The programme has been managed for 10 years by the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences, who in 2016 introduced a new model, with local programs.

Mentor4Research at Uppsala University is run by UU Innovation, and the programme is part of the innovation support we offer to researchers.


For further information or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Anna Franzén or Nhils Forslund, Programme Managers Mentor4Research.