Financing collaborative projects


We help you find financing for your collaboration

Financing is very often a key issue on starting a collaboration. UU Innovation can help to find different forms of financing, give advice, and help to match up the right partners for applications.

Below you can find some examples of the funding opportunities that the university can offer and where you can apply at any time. We also have knowledge of other programs and calls for financing collaboration between academia and businesses. We work closely with the University's EU coordinators and research secretaries to provide the best possible advice on external financing.

Contact us for more information on the options available and see what suits your needs.

Apply for collaboration voucher

For those who work in the humanities and social sciences and want to collaborate with new partners from a private, public or non-profit organisation, UU Innovation provides collaboration vouchers. The purpose is to stimulate the establishment of new contacts between academic researchers and organisations outside of academia. Applications are accepted continuously and financing may be granted up to 30 000 SEK.

Interested and want to know more? Please contact Johan Edman at UU Innovation for more information about how to apply.

Feasibility study funding - to quickly get started

Feasibility study funding supports the start of collaborative project between academic researchers and non-academic organisations. The funds enable the partners to further develop their plans and preparations for a joint collaborative project, and to carry out initial studies together.

Feasibility study projects can be funded with up to 50 000 SEK. The money can be used to fund the academic party’s time and costs for the project.


Do you want to know more about feasibility study funding and the opportunities to apply? We are keen to hear about your idea for collaboration!

Welcome to contact Harris Stamatopoulos, collaboration manager at UU Innovation by phone 018-471 7546 or by e-mail.

Verification for collaboration

Verification for collaboration, (VFS in Swedish), is a programme to fund early collaborative projects between researchers at Uppsala University and private, public or non-profit organisations. The programme offers an opportunity to get started and to test a partnership in a joint project with mutual interest.

The idea of VFS is to reduce the obstacles that prevent or delay the start of a collaboration. Funding may be granted up to 300,000 SEK per project. The money is paid to the academic party in the project. Collaboration projects can vary in scope and focus but must always be of mutual benefit to the participants.

Read more about VFS

Build for the future, BFF

The purpose of BFF is to provide funds that can be used to support researchers to build consortia for major calls where at least one external, non-academic party must be included. Examples are VINNOVA's Competence Center and Challenge-Driven Innovation (UDI), or EIT and IMI calls.

The financing must be used to support consortium building prior to a specific call with a deadline within one year of filing. Examples of activities that can be funded are meeting arrangements and travelling to meet industry partners.

To application

For more information, please contact Anna Franzén or Cecilia Nilsson, collaboration managers at UU Innovation.

Impact of research in applications

Writing competitive research applications is a challenge - time is often short, there are many questions, as well as persons and parties, involved. For some forms of research, such as EU funding, you need to describe in the application how the research will be utilised and how it will create benefits – i.e. impact  - for society.

Here, we at UU Innovation can help. We cooperate with the University's research secretaries and EU coordinators and together we cover as many aspects as possible. In this way we can create the best possible conditions for research and give you the optimal flexibility to use your research results in the long term. The ability to utilise research commercially is often dependent on the way it is funded and who owns the rights to the results.

From UU Innovation you can get help with, amongst other things:

  • tips and advice on different calls
  • help in finding the right partners - business and/or organisation - for your application
  • help  to identify and describe what can be utilised, how and when
  • help  with issues surrounding the ownership and management of IP
  • advice on resources, activities, roles, scheduling and financing of research utilisation
  • advice, tools and inspiration for research utilisation

A useful tip

Remember to contact the university's research secretaries, EU coordinators, or us, in good time, for the best assistance with your application. 

Find current calls

In Medarbetarportalen you, as a researcher at Uppsala University, can find current calls from both Swedish and international financiers.