FAQ on knowledge exchange and collaboration

Here we have compiled answers to the questions we are most commonly asked regarding collaboration between the university and businesses and organisations, as well as on the support we provide. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact one of our collaboration managers!

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What is collaboration all about?
Collaboration is partly about creating structures (meeting places, financial support, etc.) that enable collaboration between different parties and partly about ensuring that collaboration is carried out with the their support. The parties involved in the collaboration must all feel that they gain from participating.

How can my company/organisation collaborate with Uppsala University?
There are many ways to collaborate with the university and in order to find what's best for your company/organisation, we need first to understand the specific needs of your business. If you are specifically interested in collaboration with students (thesis work, projects, assignments), please contact the Department for Student Affairs via email: careers@uu.se, and they will assist you. If you are interested in research collaboration, but have no established contacts, the easiest way is to contact us at UU Innovation. We can help you get in touch with researchers in the field you are interested in, find suitable forms for collaboration and get support in starting up.

What can I as a researcher get out of collaborating with a company or other organisation?
As a researcher, you can find inspiration for your research in learning more about the real challenges that companies and organisations are facing. If you are a graduate student, it can also be an excellent opportunity to meet potential future employers. In some cases, there may be opportunities for sharing the costs of equipment or research. Opportunities can also be found, together with companies or organisations, to seek external funding for joint research projects. Or regarding commissioned research, the entire cost of the research can be funded by the company or organisation.

What benefits can our company/organisation enjoy from collaborating with the university?
As a company/organisation you access knowledge in the forefront of areas that are of interest to you. Possibilities exist to establish direct contact with world-leading researchers, to conduct research together and in some cases to share the cost of certain equipment or research projects. Seeking external funding for joint projects is another possibility as is producing joint publications. You also gain exposure to an important recruitment base for current or future needs.                          

What support for collaboration do you offer?
UU Innovation offers many types of support for collaboration. For those looking for new cooperations, we can provide matchmaking meetings, for example, focus meetings or AIMday. For those of you who have already found a potential partner, we can both provide funding for a feasibility study where you get the opportunity to test your collaboration, as well as process management support to quickly define what your collaboration should focus on in order to provide the best possible mutual benefit. We also offer advice and support on partnerships and joint applications for external funding. Read more about the support we offer.

How does your support work in practice?
We help partnerships along the way, through one-on-one advice, through matchmaking and meeting places for knowledge exchange, and through financing and process management. Contact a collaboration leader to discuss how we can help you based on your own particular needs!    

Who can claim access to your support?
We exist primarily for employees of the University and for companies and organisations seeking collaboration with the university.
Does it cost anything?
Our support is free of charge.

What is the goal of your collaboration support?
The goal is to create mutual benefit for the collaborating partners. Our work is thus to contribute to an interaction that leads to increased quality in the university's research and education, while the operations of the collaborating party are strengthened on the basis of existing needs.
How can you support already ongoing collaborations?
We mainly provide support designed to enable new collaborations, but feel free to contact us for advice.

How can I gain access to your network inside and outside Uppsala University?
Please contact us and describe your specific needs, and we will do our best to guide you.  

Uppsala University is so large, how do we get in touch with the right researcher for our particular needs?
We have branch experts to help you get in touch with the right researchers for your particular business. Here you can find the contact person for your industry.

We are interested in a particular equipment/technology/apparatus at the university, can you help us?
Yes, we are happy to help with trying to find the equipment you are looking for.

Can you help me, a researcher, get in touch with a company/organisation that I can work with on my research?
UU Innovation has a large network outside the university and will be happy to try to make contact.            

Can you help arrange meetings between research scientists and a company/organisation?
Yes, we can, for example, organise focus meetings for concentrated exchange of knowledge on a specific area. There are also other forms. We try to find the form that best matches the needs and interests of the parties who want to meet. Learn more about our support.

Can one apply for funding for collaboration?
Yes, there are a number of financiers who provide funding for collaboration between academia and businesses/organisations, including VINNOVA, SSF and several EU programs. Contact us for advice and tips on external financing. We also have the opportunity to give small grants to stimulate collaboration. Learn more about financing.

Can you help me find financing?
We can help you in two ways. On the one hand, UU Innovation is able to provide small grants to stimulate collaboration and, on the other hand, we can provide tips on current calls and support you with your application. We cooperate with the University's EU project coordinators and research officer, and together we have a broad overview of funding opportunities. Learn more about financing.
Can you help me write an application for funding for collaborative projects?
We do not write applications but we can provide input when it comes to identifying and describing how the results will be utilised and how the project creates value in society, the so-called ”impact”. Read more.
A research granting body requires me to write about impact, utilization and how the results will be used, how can I describe this?
Exactly what should be written here depends on the details of your application. Contact us in good time before the deadline for the application, we can assist you in the best way. Read more.

What is the professor’s privilege?
Through the so-called professor’s privilege, employees at Swedish universities and colleges own the rights to their results as long as they have not agreed otherwise. In most other countries it is the employer, the university, who owns the research. This means that the researcher has the opportunity, and the full responsibility, for creating additional value from their research and their results, for example, through commercialisation of research-based ideas. UU Innovation is there to provide support in generating utility in different forms.
Can you help in matters relating to collaboration agreements?
Yes, along with the university's legal department, we can provide assistance when a collaboration agreement is to be signed and IP rights are negotiated. Read more.
Can you help our company/organisation to find students for a project?
If you are interested in collaborating with students, please contact the Department for Student Affairs via email: careers@uu.se, and they will assist you. We can also mention UU Career Gate, where you can register, for example, a subject for a final exam project or a job opportunity in order to find the right talents among Uppsala University students.
I am a student, can you help me to find work for my final project?
We are unfortunately not able to find project subjects for individual students. We advise you to check out the UU Career Gate. Good luck!
Can you come to my research group/department and present what you can help with?
We will be happy to come and talk about the support we can provide in connection with a staff meeting, working group meeting, planning days and the like. A presentation of ten minutes is usually enough, plus time for questions. We also provide more significant contributions, such as process management of workshops designed to explore the possibilities for your particular research group, department or faculty to collaborate with organisations outside academia.
Can you pay a visit and inform us about the various opportunities for collaboration with Uppsala University?
We would be happy to visit your company/organisation. In addition, we organise continuously various information meetings and gatherings for collaboration between companies/organisations and university researchers and students. Contact the collaboration manager for your industry to discuss your interests and needs, so we can plan together, if required, any specific meetings you are interested in.