KOM FRAM - research dialogue for more innovative municipalities

How can research and expertise at the university contribute to better regional development and to municipalities' capacity for innovation? UU Innovation has developed the meeting concept KOM FRAM to strengthen small and medium-sized municipalities through active dialogue with scientists on the basis of each municipality’s particular situation.

Tailored programs with the municipality as starting point

Each municipality has its unique challenges, development opportunities and resources. KOM FRAM is a multistep process that begins by identifying the individual municipality's specific prerequisites. We do this in close dialogue with municipal leaders. We tailor the program according to relevant issues and information needs. This also governs which researchers will meet leading local politicians and officials. The researchers are matched to specific needs and read up on municipal issues. For researchers KOM FRAM provides an opportunity to discuss and influence the development of society from the perspective of their research. And not least, to gain new input into their research.

Examples of themes that have been highlighted are the relationship between town and countryside, how the housing market works from a rural perspective, what a gender perspective can bring to municipal activities and how we can equip members of society by focusing on schools, motivation and results.

One day meeting with the municipality

Central to the KOM FRAM concept is the fact that the university goes to the municipality, and not the other way around. During a full day meeting, research presentations are alternated with intense discussions in small groups. These meetings provide municipal politicians and officials a chance to meet around a common knowledge base and it is also here that priorities are decided that form the basis for further research collaboration.

The start of a deeper collaboration

Our ambition is that KOM FRAM will become a starting point for deeper collaboration between the municipality and the university. There are many ways to continue working together. Examples are students’ final year projects and collaborative- and contract research. UU Innovation provides support, also in any continued collaboration.

Together with Uppsala Regional Council, UU Innovation has implemented KOM FRAM in several municipalities, including Heby, Östhammar and Enköping, which has resulted in a number of joint activities and partnerships.

"With KOM FRAM we have chosen to take advantage of all the academic knowledge that we have just around the corner and convey it in such a way that it strengthens the governance and management of small and medium-sized municipalities and stimulates new thinking from an evidence-based foundation." Anna Grönberg, UU Innovation .


For further information or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Anna Grönberg, collaboration manager at UU Innovation.