Advice and support for contacts and collaborations

Contacts and collaborations

We help you find the right contacts, expertise, partners and form for your cooperation.

We assist researchers, companies and organisations in forming good collaborations - knowledge exchange and cooperation on issues of common interest that are of benefit to all parties.

Our support is all about identifying the right skills, partners and forms of cooperation. We can also help with financing and coordination in order to start the collaboration, to ensure it works smoothly and reaches its goals.

In addition to private meetings with individual advice, we can offer various types of meetings and events for inspiration, matchmaking and exchange of knowledge. Below are some examples of effective and appreciated meeting forms.

AIMday - a meeting format as simple as it is effective

AIMday is a full- or half-day event that provides businesses and organisations with a forum to address current and business-related issues with university researchers in specific areas.

It is these issues that set the meeting agenda. The company or organisation can submit multiple queries. Researchers then sign up for the questions to which they would like to contribute with their expertise. We then match the questions with the academic skills available. The result will be a day of activity with several hour-long workshops run in parallel with five to twelve participants in a focussed discussion.

It is all about an exchange of knowledge and ideas with a focus on finding new approaches and a starting point for further cooperation, rather than there and then resolving the current issue. Participation in AIMday provides opportunities to develop skills, to open the door to new solutions and to develop and maintain contacts and networks

The unique format - one question, one hour, a group of experts - provides short, sharp, but effective meetings. And since every question is usually discussed in groups of researchers from different scientific fields, it is addressed from multiple perspectives.

AIMday was developed at Uppsala University in 2008 and has since been held several times a year at Uppsala University in different thematic areas, such as welfare, cancer, materials, diagnostics and aging, with several research collaborations resulting. The unique and effective format has contributed to AIMday also being used at other universities in Sweden and also at prestigious universities such as Oxford and Edinburgh.

Information and registration to all AIMday events organized at Uppsala University, in Sweden and the rest of the world are gathered in one place, at


Uppsala University offers other universities in Sweden and abroad the use of the concept and the AIMday brand through cooperation agreements. We then provide the support needed for successful implementation.

How to organise an AIMday event

This is how AIMday works

Each AIMday is arranged within a specific, thematic area in order to contribute to effective knowledge exchange and increased utilization of research through collaborations.

Step 1: Companies/organisations report questions in advance, one or more, together with relevant background information.

Step 2: Researchers register for the submitted questions, one or more, that they are interested in discussing.

Step 3: Matchmaking to create relevant and interdisciplinary groups for each question.

Step 4: Meeting day on campus with workshops, often parallel, with each issue being discussed for an hour. Food and mingle.

Step 5: Follow-up workshops to, if needed, provide support for collaboration.

A focus meeting for deeper knowledge

For companies or organisations interested in an overview or a greater depth of knowledge of a specific research topic or question, we can arrange a focus meeting. This involves a full or half day meeting, depending on the need, with the opportunity for knowledge exchange and discussions with researchers in the field.

We help with matchmaking and arranging the meeting, which can take place at the university or at the company/organisation.

If a confidentiality agreement is requested, we will find a suitable solution.

Last modified: 2021-06-03