Advice and support for collaboration agreements

Collaboration agreements

Together with the University's legal department, UU Innovation can offer support in connection with the signing of a collaboration agreement and negotiation of IPR.

Questions regarding intellectual property rights and ownership often have a central place in collaborations between academic researchers and companies and/or other organisations. It is therefore important to enter into well-considered collaboration agreements, which regulate the rights of all parties involved. A collaboration agreement regulates, amongst other things, the rights to the results and the rules for publication.

In cooperation with the legal department, UU Innovation can help with advice, working models and agreements, so that a collaboration can be run in a way that benefits all parties.

Please contact us with your questions about the agreement, inventorship, ownership, rights etc., in various types of collaborative projects.

Keep track of your rights during collaboration

Collaborating with the business community can give your research wings. But, be careful about your IPR. Olivia Tolan at UU Innovation knows what you need to think about before, during and after the collaboration.

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