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We help you on the way to successful collaboration with Uppsala University.

Are you interested in research and know-how from Uppsala University and are looking for some form of collaboration? You've come to the right place. The University's Innovation Partnership Office opens the door to knowledge sharing and collaboration with its world-leading researchers and ambitious students.

Whether you work at a company or other organisation, we can help you find the right contacts and expertise and fruitful relationships with students and researchers, according to your needs and desires.

Read more about what we offer through the link below, or contact a branch specialist at the Innovation Partnership Office to discuss your needs and prerequisites!

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Understanding the playing field - a shortcut to successful collaboration

With the leaflet "To collaborate with Uppsala University. Basic conditions for commissioned reseach and collaborative research." the University hope both to pave the way for better collaborative projects and to shorten the path from an idea to the start of actual collaboration. For the collaborating parties to better understand where the other is coming from and its incentives is a success factor.

In this document, the parameters governing the University's research-based collaborations are described. Based on these, we are more than happy to further discuss how collaborative projects can be designed to maximise the benefit to both you and us.

One of the world's top 100 universities

Many companies and organisations of different sizes and from different industries and sectors, have active research and development collaborations with researchers or research groups at Uppsala University. These can be anything from collaboration with individual researchers, to larger co-financed projects and partnerships. Uppsala University covers a large range of subjects and is also one of the world's 100 best universities. The likelihood is great that we can find a match between your operative needs and specialised skills at the university.

Want to be one of those who develop their business through a closer relationship with Uppsala University? You’re welcome to contact us at the Innovation Partnership Office!

Last modified: 2021-01-28