Together we create new possibilities

The Innovation Partnership Office works towards active collaboration between companies, organisations and university researchers. For the mutual benefit of all.

We help you build good collaborations

In order to tackle many of the challenges we face now and in the future, we need more frequent and better quality collaboration between academia, industry and society. Digitalization, public health, welfare and integration are just a few examples. Collaboration across sectors also opens up new opportunities, helps to strengthen the quality of education and research and, not least, strengthens the innovation capacity of the parties involved. Many attempts at collaboration never reach their full potential despite a genuine will to succeed. At UU Innovation we aim to change this.

Our goal is simple - we want to make collaboration easier for you and to contribute to its success and sustainability. Therefore we offer support in every step of the process, from inspiration, matchmaking and exchange of knowledge to fully-fledged and funded collaborations. What do you need?

Our collaboration managers have a range of specialisations and industrial expertise to be able to effectively respond to questions and needs, from researchers as well as companies and organisations.

Last modified: 2021-06-16