The UU Innovation Mentor Program

In UU Innovation's Mentor Program, two worlds meet around a common goal - to develop research results for wider use and value-creating societal benefits.

Researchers and PhD students are matched with experienced mentors from the business community who are handpicked to tailor individual needs in the best possible ways. The mentors' role is to contribute with new perspectives, knowledge and contacts that give the researcher's idea an extra boost.

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Spot your idea!

Maybe you already have a concrete idea that you want to test and develop further in collaboration with a mentor? Or do you need help identifying what ideas you create in your research? No problem! Get started by taking UU Innovation's self-test. It will help you identify interesting and potentially valuable results from your work, which is the very beginning of formulating an idea with potential to create value in society. To the self-test

Good things to know about the program

  • Program provided: Twice a year - one per semester.
  • Program period: January to June and August to December, respectively.
  • The program includes: Six individual meetings with your mentor. Kick-off and final session with all researchers and mentors in the program. In addition, a workshop specifically focused on the art of networking smartly and efficiently.
  • Application period for the spring start 2022: 15 August - 30 September 2021.
  • Application period för the autumn start 2022: 15 March - 30 April 2022.
  • Who can apply: Researchers and PhD students from all disciplinary domains at Uppsala University who have a research-based idea that has the potential to create value in society. You have the will and the opportunity to invest time and commitment to take your idea forward together with a mentor. In addition, you need to be affiliated with your university during the course of the program and not submit your dissertation during the program period.
  • Free of charge: The program is part of the support UU Innovation offers and thus always free of charge.
  • Contact: If you have any questions or simply want more information, please get in touch with Hillevi Englund or Nhils Forslund.

Gain new contacts and insights based on your needs

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UU Innovation's mentor program gives you the opportunity to work with an experienced and dedicated mentor to:

  • Expand your knowledge and understanding of value creation from research-based ideas
  • Broaden your network outside of academia
  • Test the potential value of your idea
  • Accelerate the development of your innovation project

We will match you with a mentor who we think will best suit you and your needs.

Meetings with your mentor

You are in charge of your development with your mentor as your support, catalyst and facilitator. The program includes six individual meetings with your mentor and you take the initiative to book these meetings. In focus of your meetings are the challenges and questions you want to discuss in relation to your idea and how to develop it further. If needed, UU Innovation can contribute with suggestions on topics to discuss.

As support throughout the program, you and your mentor have a working document that helps to focus on the key issues in transforming research results into new solutions that create value. Based on your interest and long-term goals, you and your mentor will work either with an "impact planning canvas" that focuses on the broader societal benefits of research or with a "lean canvas" that has a clearer focus on business development.

Participants' voices

We are starting to develop new therapeutic approaches that look very promising. To enable translation to the clinic I need to know more about innovation and commercialisation of research. The Mentor Program gives me an excellent opportunity to understand how to best bring my findings to the clinic.

Anna Dimberg, Associate Professor, Cancer and Vascular Biology

My research has resulted in tangible and working prototypes, and I wanted to explore the possibilities of developing them further into products that can be used in contexts outside of research.

Laia Turmo Vidal, PhD Candidate in Human Computer Interaction

The program offers great opportunities for me as a researcher to create a plan for how my research can be used and repurposed outside of academia.

Julie B. Gudmundsson, PhD Candidate, American Literature and Education

Parallel support from UU Innovation

When joining the UU Innovation Mentor Program, you have the opportunity to develop faster and further with your idea with the support of a mentor. At the same time, you will continue to receive support from UU Innovation's advisers in parallel with joining the program. Twice as good in other words!

Apply to the UU Innovation Mentor Program

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Take the opportunity to broaden your horizons as well as your contact network while you get a unique chance to develop your knowledge and your innovation project together with an experienced and dedicated mentor.

Application for the spring 2022 round of the mentor program is closed, but reach out to us if you are interested in applying to a later round of the program. By contacting us with your idea at an early stage, we can work on your idea together to make it ready for the mentor program.

Contact us!

Open the door to the UU Innovation Mentor Program

You may be wondering how you can join the UU Innovation Mentor Program?

The starting point is that you have an idea or a research result that you think could create added value. What's more, you want to explore the potential further and have made a first contact with UU Innovation to discuss your idea.

Do you need help spotting your idea?

No problem, we will help you! As long as you have the drive to putting your research to use in society, we will help you explore which of your results have the potential to create added value, which is the very basis for being able to formulate an idea for further development.

Take UU Innovation's quick self-test as a first step! Take me to the test

Mentorship stories

Meet some of the previous participants in the UU Innovation Mentor Program.

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