Funding for early commercialisation projects


We help you find the right financing for your idea.

To evaluate and develop research-based ideas and business concepts often requires money as well as other resources. You may need, for example, to finance patent applications, conduct preliminary market research and technical verifications.

We can help to find different forms of financing and we can advise and assist you with applications and contacts.

Contact a business advisor at UU Innovation to learn more about the options available and what may suit your idea or project.

Need funding to evaluate your idea?

Do you need funding to commercialise or to create impact in some other way from your idea or research project? UU Innovation offers funding that enables many key activities that do not fit with traditional research funding. The goal is to take projects closer to commercialisation, prepare them for additional funding or for establishing partnerships with industry.

UU Innovation manages the Vinnova-funded programme VFT. Read more about this funding opportunity below. You can also reach out to us for more information.

Contact a business advisor

Funding for risk mitigation in early stages of commercialisation

VFT Funding Programme

This funding programme is aimed at streamlining the early stages of commercialisation and implementation of research results. The VFT programme is administered by UU Innovation and the funds are allocated to the development and showing proof of concept for innovative ideas from both researchers and students. The maximum funding per project is 300 KSEK in grants paid in installments to iteratively verify key activities that do not fit with traditional research funding. Those activities include for example:

  • Analysis of customer needs
  • Prototyping
  • Verification of the production method
  • Analysis of regulatory and legal requirements
  • Technical verification designed to minimize project risks
  • Patents and/or trademark protection
  • Building teams
  • Stakeholder agreement

Find other funding opportunities

UU Innovation has a good grasp of various funding opportunities that can help your innovation project move forward, and our advisors provide advice and support with applications for calls.

Impact of research in applications

Writing competitive research applications is a challenge - time is often short, there are many questions, as well as persons and parties, involved. More and more research funders are requesting a description of how your research results will be utilised and how it will create benefits – i.e. impact  - for society. Here, we can help.

The ability to utilise research results commercially is often dependent on the way it is funded and who owns the rights to the results. We help cover those aspects as well to give you the optimal flexibility to use your research results in the long term.

Please contact us for:

  • help to identify and describe what can be utilised, how and when
  • help with issues surrounding the ownership and management of IP
  • advice on resources, activities, roles and financing of research utilisation

Equity capital through UU Invest AB

UU Invest AB is an early investor with a longer exit strategy compared to many other venture capital companies. It is through UU Invest that Uppsala University contributes to establishing new research-based companies. UU Invest also invests in projects before the companies are formed.

The way into UU Invest usually goes via us at UU Innovation, which helps to evaluate and develop your innovation project in the earliest stages - to pave the way for further development towards the market.

UU Invest AB

Last modified: 2022-10-12