Case stories

Here you will find stories about researchers and students who commercialise their discoveries and ideas, supported by us at UU Innovation.

Advanced AI technology brings new opportunities

Denapsis Artificial Intelligence develops tools for machine learning with considerably smaller data sets than ever before possible. The founders of the company, Manfred Grabherr and Behrooz Torabi Moghadam, hope it will be possible to use the innovation to improve cancer diagnostics and treatment.  

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With leading ability

Mamoun Taher's discovery has given industry the key to large-scale applications of the “miracle material” graphene. He is now combining his researcher role with the role of Director of Technology and CEO of the new company Graphmatech AB.

Interview with Mamoun Taher

New model for drug monitoring

In the middle of his dissertation work, Thomas Cars realised that both authorities and pharmaceutical companies needed the knowledge he had developed – a scientific model for the monitoring of new drugs. The first customers are now testing the model, which analyses benefit and efficacy, adverse reactions, and cost-effectiveness.

Interview with Thomas Cars

Analysis of drugs in simulated intestine

Janneke Keemink has developed a tool for the lab environment that can predict how a drug will act in our intestines and how much of the chemicals will reach the blood. The goal is to create a fully-developed service that enables companies to make progress with their drug candidates faster than currently possible.

Interview Janneke Keemink

Developing a new bone cement for vertebral fractures

Uppsala University researcher Cecilia Persson has developed a new elastic bone cement that can improve the treatment of elderly patients with fragile bones (osteoporosis) who have suffered a fracture of their spinal vertebrae. Her new company Inossia, started with colleague Malin Nilsson, has also secured funding to help optimise production and gain access to the clinical environment.

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Rapid diagnostic test for antibiotic resistance

Professor Johan Elf’s research group has developed methods that make it possible to study life’s processes in real-time at the molecular level. With this knowledge, scientists have now developed a rapid diagnostic test for antibiotic resistance in urinary tract infections.

Interview with Johan Elf