Business advice

Develop your idea

We help you to test and develop the commercial potential of your idea.

Do you have an idea or research result that you think could be developed into a product or service for wider use? An idea may also involve new processes, models, methods, or new application areas that others can benefit from.

After meeting up for a discussion, our business advisors will help you develop a plan for the evaluation and validation of the commercial potential of your idea or results.

Our advice service is free for students, researchers and other employees at Uppsala University. All discussions are of course confidential. We do not take out any shares or ownership in the projects we support.

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Your support in early business development

Assessment of the commercial potential of your idea takes place in an integrated process in which we also discuss patents and other intellectual property rights and financing. We value and encourage your enthusiasm and momentum and together we construct an appropriate strategy for commercialisation.

The earlier your idea is discussed with us, the better we can help to strengthen the prerequisites for commercialisation.

With the aim of strengthening the customer- and user-perspective and to identify and eliminate risks early on, we look at the following:

  • Analysis of customer needs, market and competition
  • Ability to protect the idea, for example through patents and trademarking
  • Verification of the production method
  • Analysis of regulatory and legal requirements
  • Technical verification
  • Business Model

The details of the commercialisation plan vary from case to case, and we can work with various types of commercialisation. One scenario is to start a business. Another might be out-licensing of patents or other forms of knowledge transfer. Various kinds of collaborations could be formed with other companies.

We work in close cooperation with, amongts others, the business incubator Uppsala Innovation Centre and the University's holding company, UU Invest AB to offer a broad innovation support that is based on your needs and circumstances.

Last modified: 2021-09-28