Do you have an idea you want to develop?

We help researchers and students to strengthen the value and impact of their results and ideas in society. With us you get support to identify, evalute and develop the potential. Free of charge and confidential.

Who owns your research?

In Sweden we have a law called the professor’s privilege. It means that you as a researcher at a university or college own the rights to your research as long as you have not agreed otherwise. In most other countries, it is the employer, the university, who owns the research.

The professor’s privilege applies to everyone in academia who has research as their main occupation, graduate students as well as professors.

The professor’s privilege also means that you as a researcher have full responsibility for creating additional value from your research and results. UU Innovation is there to support you with this particular task.

  • In Sweden a researcher at a university or college owns the rights to their own research as long as nothing else is agreed.
  • In most other countries, it is the employer, the university, who owns the research.
  • The professor’s privilege applies to students as well as professors.

Mentor Program that widens your horizons

The Mentor Program

Develop your idea, your network and your knowledge of creating added value from research outcomes.

Get a mentor to develop your idea faster and further! In the UU Innovation Mentor Program, we match researchers with experienced business mentors who will bring new perspectives on value creation and innovation from research results. What's more, the mentors can open doors to new contacts and networks that may take your innovation project forward.  

Discover the Mentor Program

Develop your business model and sharpen your pitch

In the Value Creation Forums you will practice pitching your business idea. You get feedback directly from a specially selected panel. It is an effective way to strengthen your presentation and develop your business model before meetings with potential clients or investors.

In the Value Creation Forum panelists provide feedback from different perspectives, clarified by using different colored caps and goggles.

  • Green Cap sees opportunities and focus on strengths
  • Red Cap is problem-oriented and focuses on improvement opportunities
  • White Cap has investor perspective
  • Goggles symbolise the customer and/or user perspective

A network that benefits you

To successfully commercialise ideas and research from Uppsala University, we work with a range of organisations in business and finance, not least in Uppsala, where we are part of a strong innovation support system.

Our focus is on the early phases of the commercialisation process. The ideas and projects that we support have often a long way to go before they reach their full potential in the market. Therefore, it is natural for us to involve other actors in the innovation system that can offer additional support, especially when a project becomes a company, and has paying clients and investments. As an example, we have a close collaboration with Uppsala University's holding company, UU Invest AB and we are a partner of the business incubator Uppsala Innovation Centre.

To provide the best possible support to students, we have a close collaboration with Drivhuset Uppsala who work to inspire, guide and educate students in entrepreneurship. Drivhuset can offer a workplace in an inspiring office environment where those who have started working on their ideas will can also build up a network.

Last modified: 2023-01-02