10 good reasons to contact us - for you who work at Uppsala University

  1. Make your research matter!
    Explore the impact potential of your research results. How can society benefit from your knowledge? Learn to use impact creation tools and, by building your skills, help realise the potential.
  2. Plan for impact
    Get a head start: design your research project with impact in mind from the beginning. Identify what challenges your work address and what is needed to create innovative solutions.
  3. Inventory your assets
    Assets generated from your work are potentially very valuable. Find them and build a strategy for their use, this adds value to your research. Don’t forget some assets are most useful when transferred to others!
  4. Protect your property
    Get expert advice on how best to protect your intellectual assets and achieve the desired impact. Maximise outputs by creating and following a plan that aligns your research, protection and publication strategies.
  5. Develop your idea
    Do you have an idea that might benefit others? Viability test your solution and use new insights to make improvements. What’s more - get advice on how to progress it further.
  6. Establish effective collaboration
    Collaboration is an indispensable part of practically every impact journey. Get advice on how to run a collaborative venture as smoothly as possible while gaining maximum output.
  7. Agree carefully
    Agreements may seem complicated but they are indispensable tools for achieving your desired impact. Get professional advice and support on all issues surrounding agreements, including ownership of research results.
  8. Find the right funding
    Need funding for your impact development? Get tailored advice and information on resources available to meet your needs.   
  9. Strengthen your application
    Want to improve your funding application hit rate? Start with practical advice to successfully tackle the impact section. You can even receive advanced support such as developing models to manage intellectual property rights in multiple-party applications.
  10. Sharpen your message
    What is your research about? Who will it benefit and how? Learn to create a compelling presentation that will pique the curiosity of your audience whether they are financiers, fellow researchers, or your neighbour.

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