Discover new opportunities for your research results

  • Date: –12:45
  • Location: Online on Zoom
  • Organiser: UU Innovation
  • Contact person: Sara Gredemark
  • Seminarium

Do you want to make your research matter even more? Join us for a 30 minute webinar where we’ll help you discover the untapped potential within your research findings.

Learn how to identify the gems in your work that could hold value beyond the confines of academia and gain insights into how to nurture these ideas for greater societal impact.

This webinar is designed for researchers of all backgrounds who are curious about bridging the gap between their academic pursuits and real applications.

During the webinar, we'll provide a brief introduction to the art of developing research-based ideas and innovations. You'll walk away with a structured approach and practical tips on how to identify interesting and potentially valuable results from your research.

Recognising the significance of what you create is the first step in realising the hidden potential in your research, and it can also give you a competitive edge when applying for research funding.


Register by 12 December.

Link to registration

The Zoom meeting link will be provided in the email confirmation upon your registration.