Packaging knowledge assets

  • Date: –12:00
  • Location: Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1 Room 101142
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  • Organiser: UU Innovation
  • Contact person: Nhils Forslund
  • Seminarium

This is the third and final seminar in the postgraduate course Strategic Management of Research Results.

Now you know what knowledge assets you have and how their use can be regulated. The next step is to evaluate which of these are worth developing further and, if so, how. We will describe different utilisation models and how value creation can be made financially sustainable. Finally, you will get an introduction to the support functions that are available to you, as a researcher, if you want to go further and utilise the results of your research.

Open to doctoral students and researchers in all fields
This is the third and final seminar in the course Strategic Management of Research Results. The course is open to PhD students, postdocs and researchers from all disciplinary domains at Uppsala University, University of Gävle and Dalarna University. For PhD students, the course provides 3 ECTS in your postgraduate education. For other participants a course diploma is provided.

All course seminars
Seminar 1: Identifying knowledge assets - Wednesday, 3 May, 09:15–12:00, Blåsenhus
Seminar 2: Controlling knowledge assets - Wednesday, 10 May, 09:15–12:00, BMC
Seminar 3: Packaging knowledge assets - Wednesday, 17 May, 09:15–12:00, Ångström

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Deadline for registration is 26 April.