Get involved in innovation projects from Uppsala University

Are you interested in innovations from Uppsala University and would like to contribute? Keep in touch! Whether you are an entrepreneur, business developer or investor, there are many opportunities to become involved.

Each year we come into contact with over 100 new ideas from researchers in various disciplines, as well as from ambitious students. During one year we work actively with about 50 commercialisation projects. If research and ideas are to reach the market, additional resources are often required, plus expertise and people who can complement the team. Therefore we need to constantly develop a network of entrepreneurs and business developers who can take part in projects, for example as "champion" or co-founder of a company. Or as a consultant who can offer support and expertise within a technology or market niche.

We hope you will become part of our network! We open the door to ideas and research from Uppsala University and enable you to come into contact with innovative technologies long before they reach the market.

Please contact us to discuss how we can work together. We’d love to hear more about you, your interests and your ability to contribute to increasing the flow of innovations from Uppsala University.

Contact: Nhils Forslund, business advisor

Last modified: 2023-07-21