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We are UU Innovation

With us, students and researchers take their first steps towards bringing their ideas to life. We offer guidance, networking, and funding to accelerate the adoption of new smart solutions in society. Working towards a better world. For all.

Innovations for a better world

For over 500 years, Uppsala University has been a hub of research, education, and innovation. The wide range of subjects offered at the University provides a unique opportunity to contribute to solving significant societal challenges. Furthermore, the 'professor's privilege' allows academic researchers to retain ownership of their research results, enabling them to patent inventions, resell rights, or establish companies to commercialise promising ideas, for example.

Many of the products, services, and methods that have a meaningful impact on people worldwide today are based on ideas and research results successfully developed by researchers and students, either individually or collaboratively.

At Uppsala University, innovative ideas with real impact potential can crop up anytime and anywhere. Whatever their nature, working mechanism to capture and nurture them are all in place.

Full support for development of ideas

UU Innovation supports students, researchers, and employees who wish to develop their ideas and create broader societal impact with their research. Our team comprises advisors and intellectual property experts with extensive experience in research, development, and market introduction of new solutions across a wide range of fields.

UU Innovation's role is to assist in identifying, evaluating, and developing the potential of new ideas and research results. This means that we engage early in the process, connecting with students and researchers when an idea or application for research findings begins to take shape.

Each year, we encounter hundreds of students and researchers eager to bring their ideas to life. By providing guidance, networking, and funding, we accelerate the adoption of new smart solutions into society, benefiting a wider audience.

For those aiming to make a difference

We embrace and nurture ideas from diverse fields, encouraging innovative solutions to both minor and major challenges. Our scope spans from novel technological advancements, fostering efficiency and sustainability across various industries, to groundbreaking medical applications that can revolutionise healthcare and save lives. Moreover, we actively foster social innovations, backing ideas and projects with the potential to tackle pressing societal issues and enhance people's quality of life.

Everyone is welcome - no need to apply

If you are a researcher, employee, or student at Uppsala University with questions and thoughts about developing an idea or creating impact with your research, UU Innovation is here to support you. This applies regardless of your field of research, occupation, or area of study. The same extends to those affiliated with the University of Gävle or Dalarna University - we are here for you as well.

You do not need to apply for our support or possess any prior knowledge of idea and innovation development. Our assistance is free, and we do not claim ownership of your idea. Everything you share with us is, of course, kept confidential, and our support is specially designed to accommodate your studies, work, or research while you develop your idea.

Innovation support for researchers and staff

Innovation support for students

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We are part of a strong innovation system

The ecosystem for innovation support surrounding Uppsala University is one of the best in Sweden and is competitive on an international arena. It’s a cohesive and effective innovation environment that can offer support from the time before an idea is born to fully-fledged activities whatever the desired outcomes.

UU Innovation and most of the other key players in Uppsala’s innovation system, can be found at the same address in Uppsala Science Park. Contacts and decision processes are simple, transparency is tangible, and players can quickly get access to a broader base of resources than are available in their own organization. It creates favourable conditions for innovation development in the Uppsala region.

Uppsala University has built a robust support system for researchers and students who want to commercialise or in other ways utilise their ideas. Our network is a strength that can be used to your benefit.

Innovation Office - a government commission

In 2008 Uppsala University was given the opportunity to develop an innovation office with the task of increasing the utilization of research. The development of the innovation office was to be carried out in close cooperation with other universities and colleges in the region.

The innovation office is largely incorporated into UU Innovation's business, which since 2007 has supported researchers and students in the early stages of innovation development.

An agreement on collaboration exists with Dalarna University and the University of Gävle. Along with these institutions, we strive to:

• Develop and strengthen innovation at each institution, and stimulate university-wide projects in this regard.

• Through knowledge and experience, enable an effective, sustainable and tailored innovation support to best promote the utilization of research and knowledge.

The partnership also means that both Dalarna University and the University of Gävle, as needed, can take advantage of the capabilities and expertise built up in UU Innovation, including areas such as IP/patents, financing and coaching.

A very close collaboration also exists with the innovation office at KTH regarding intellectual property services for researchers and students.

Last modified: 2023-12-14