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A sustainable world is our only future. Join us in creating it!

The future needs your ideas, and you likely know that innovation capabilities and entrepreneurial skills are also in demand in the labour market. It is about being able to see opportunities, develop ideas, and move from thought to action. By working on your idea, you will build valuable experience and credentials for the future while helping to create it. Sounds great, doesn’t it? So, what are you waiting for?

Come and develop your idea with us at UU Innovation!

For new ideas

Does your idea solve a problem in a new way? That is what we call an innovative idea. And innovative ideas are exactly what we at UU Innovation do best. There is quite a lot that goes into it. For example, it could be a new service or physical product, but just as easily a new design, method or technology. Or a combination of any of these. The key point is that the idea offers a new, or much better, solution to an existing need, or creates a new niche altogether.

Now, we are curious to get to know you and learn about the idea that you have. Why? Well, because we want to help you and your idea grow!

Test your idea in safe company

Our support is open to all students at Uppsala University, Dalarna University and Gävle University. It does not matter what you are studying, what prior knowledge you have, or what your previous experience is. The idea is that our expertise complements yours, and that together we can create the solutions of the future and contribute to a better society.

You do not need to apply to get our support, nor do you need to bring a prototype or business plan or have a prepared pitch. The support is free of charge, what we discuss stays between us, and we take no ownership of your idea.

Develop your idea with UU Innovation

We are your sounding board during the first stage of your exciting journey, where you need information, funding, networks and strategies to fuel it. The sooner you get in touch with us at UU Innovation the better. We specialise in the very early stages of development, so you do not need to worry that you are not far enough along.

Together, we will work step-by-step to explore the opportunities and challenges of your idea – and create the conditions for you to develop it further. It is our role to support you and help you drive your own development so that your idea reaches a market. 

We can help you with the following:

Define your idea and objectives

We start with an initial no-obligation meeting. At this stage, all we ask of you is to describe your idea and your vision. We will ask questions, get an initial picture of your idea, and discuss what might be a good next step to help you move forward.

Evaluate your idea from multiple perspectives

When your idea is in the early stages of development, there are often more questions than answers. That is OK. We will help you so you can find the answers and focus on the right thing at the right time. When we evaluate the potential of your idea together, many aspects are taken into account. These include what your ambition is for the idea, what the market looks like, what needs the customers and users have, how your idea compares to current solutions, and whether there are opportunities and reasons to protect the rights to it in some way. The focus will vary depending on what your particular idea needs, but our aim is to lay the foundation for your unique value proposition. To test your idea, in some cases (and if needed), we can help you seek funding.

Develop your idea with a sustainable roadmap

Once the basic questions have been answered and you have enough information to determine that the idea is viable for further development, it is time to develop strategies on how to develop the idea further to reach the market. Here, we delve deeper into the issues surrounding the value proposition and also look at funding opportunities, the need to supplement your team, help you find relevant contacts, and discuss sustainability issues. All to give your idea the best chance of success.

Your first meeting with us

We know it can feel like a big step to talk about your idea for what might be the first time. But you can rest assured. When we meet for the first time, the following will happen:

  • We will briefly tell you about us at UU Innovation, our support, and how we work. If there is anything in particular you are wondering about, we are, of course, eager to hear it!
  • We will talk about your idea. Obviously! After all, that is why we are meeting. You can tell us what it is, how far you have come, what you want to do with it, and what you need to move forward. We will ask questions (that is a big part of our job), and are eager to listen, whether your answers are clearly defined or still a bit vague. This gives us good information to move forward. 
  • We will discuss next steps, and set out a plan for how you can continue to develop your idea with our support.

Take our idea test

Take our simple test to quickly find out what you need to take your idea to the next level. It will only take a few minutes, and the test is also a convenient way to get in touch with us quickly. Just fill in your email in the last step and we will get in touch with you!

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A good network for you

We have a broad network and several partners, including Drivhuset Uppsala, the business incubator UIC and Uppsala University’s holding company UU Invest AB. Together, we offer support along the entire innovation journey, from the budding idea to a working and sought-after solution that meets a market need. We guide you through the network and help you with contacts, all based on your needs.

Get a handle on agreements and ownership

Agreements may seem tricky, but are important when you are working with other parties, such as a company in connection with your degree project. Right from the outset, it is important to have an agreement that clearly sets out the rights, obligations and expectations between the parties. Uppsala University has drawn up agreement templates as support for both internal and external degree projects, but these may need to be adapted to your specific situation.

Do not be afraid to ask!

The guiding principle is always not to sign an agreement that you do not fully understand, as this can lead to unintentionally giving away your rights to your degree project results, for example. If something in the agreement is unclear or if you do not fully understand what it says – ask! It is always possible to adjust the content beforehand, but it can be very difficult, and sometimes even impossible, to correct something after you have signed.

Who owns what?

When it comes to agreements and degree projects, it is important to make clear who owns the results and who has the right to publish. Be careful not to sign away the rights of your degree project to your collaborative partner without having thought through how you would like to use what you have come up with. For example, if you do not own the rights to the results, the agreement may prevent you from publishing them. Another aspect to discuss is whether you, as a student, need to give anything of value to the partner, apart from the work itself. If so, reasonable compensation should be paid.

When you collaborate with others

There are other contexts where an agreement can prevent misunderstandings and problems. Perhaps you are working with others on a project. A simple project agreement can clarify what is expected and how the results will be handled. When it comes time to develop the results further, a confidentiality agreement can give you control, so that others are not free to share your ideas.

UU Innovation can help you with the agreement part

UU Innovation can help you interpret agreements and understand your rights and obligations, as well as support you with your own agreements. We know which issues are particularly important to regulate in case you want to take your idea or results further, with or without a partner.

Contact UU Innovation

Do you have an idea you would like to discuss? Or do you have questions about intellectual property rights and agreements? Contact us and we will arrange a meeting. We can meet with you both physically and digitally. You choose what suits you. And just so you know, we have good coffee!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Email us!

“UU Innovation was with me all the way from the idea stage to building the first version of the product. I received guidance in all aspects of what I needed to analyse – including market analysis, research review, beta testing and contact with relevant people who could provide the necessary experience when I got stuck. I wouldn’t have progressed as quickly without all that help. I’m sure of that.”

Mamduh Halawa, student of the Psychology Programme and founder of Zeeds.

“UU Innovation has been there from the very beginning, providing support with contacts and advice for several meetings. We also received financial support, which has been very helpful and enabled us to move forward very quickly.” 

Fredrik Junerfält, alumnus of the Medicine Programme and founder of RoundBit.

Last modified: 2023-07-21