EU project reinforces innovation through collaboration

Academia can help strengthen the innovative power of small and medium-sized enterprises. The key to success is increased collaboration. Through a three-year European regional fund project, Access, the universities of Uppsala, Linköping and Örebro join forces to professionalize support for small and medium-sized enterprises in eastern central Sweden.

Together the universities will develop comprehensive regional collaboration in support of sustainable partnerships between academia, industry and society. By sharing knowledge, experience and best practice the universities will systematize and coordinate the processes, methods and tools. It boils down to better and effectively building upon and adapting the support already available, in order to create attractive offers to the region's small and medium-sized enterprises. One example is to develop forms of financing for early collaborative projects.

Our common goal is to be best in Sweden when it comes to collaboration between academia and small and medium-sized enterprises.

During the project period, at least 350 small and medium-sized enterprises in eastern central Sweden will develop relevant contacts with the academic researchers and students. Furthermore, 150 actual cooperation projects between businesses, researchers and students will be started. The collaboration aims to create mutual benefit and to lay the foundation for long-term relationships.

Dissemination of knowledge is a central aspect of the project. The regional support that is created, in the form of methods, tools and financing, will be made available to other institutions in order to inspire further development within the collaboration.

The Access project is coordinated by UU Innovation.

The Access project is financed by European Regional Development Fund


For further information or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jin Moen, head of the ACCESS project.