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Case stories

Here you will find examples of stories about collaborations between researchers, students and companies and organisations, supported by UU Innovation. They tell of mutual benefits and how new ideas and knowledge emerge.

New research to prolong the life of metal-cutting inserts

More durable metal-cutting inserts is the key goal of a collaborative Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) project involving researchers at three Swedish universities and the world-leading machine tools supplier Sandvik. With a strategic 30 million SEK grant plus support from a national CVD research initiative, project leader Professor Mats Boman of Uppsala University’s Ångström Laboratory is confident that insert life-times will increase dramatically in the future.

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First PET-MRI images of patient with inflammatory bowel disease

The number of individuals suffering from life-long inflammatory bowel disease is increasing. Now, thanks to a collaboration that began at a Bioimaging AIMday held at Uppsala University as recently as 2015, the first patient with ulcerative colitis has been examined with PET-MRI in a unique pilot study at Uppsala University Hospital.

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Invaluable help for a small business

Have you ever cleared out horse manure with an ordinary pitchfork? Then you know that it’s not very easy. Horse owners Patrick and Lydia Springer believed that there must be a better way. And there was. The result is called SverigeGrepen, a product that is now on its way to being exported around the world. “The help we received from the university was invaluable,” says Patrick Springer.

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Collaborative diabetes project yielded great results

It started at an AIMday event and developed into a collaborative research project with great gains for all parties involved. For the diagnostics company Mercodia the collaboration with an academic research group proved a real boon.

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Preventive balance training

Helping the elderly train their balance more effectively will hopefully lead to fewer falls. A UU Innovation funded collaborative project between Uppsala University, Dalarna University and Hedemora municipality has looked closely at this opportunity, in particular how interactive web-based platforms can help prevent fall-related accidents and thereby contribute to greater well-being, increased activity and better health.

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Student project for knowledge and inspiration

During two years Björks Rostfria AB in Hallstavik and three students from the Ångström Laboratory have been working together in a true win-win collaboration with support from UU Innovation's Ångström Materials Academy. The collaboration has given the specialized industrial company new knowledge essential for its development work. The students have got inspiration and experience of work in a real industry project.

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Collaboration is key to efficient tracing of infectious diseases

Using the latest DNA technology, disease outbreaks can be tracked and mapped more effectively than before. But Swedish authorities, the health care sector and researchers need to collaborate closely to employ these technologies according to a report from SciLifeLab, Uppsala University and the National Veterinary Institute (SVA).

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The elderly as a resource

Pensioners in the voluntary sector are an asset to the local community. They help in everyday life, organise events and drive development. This is clear from the pilot study "The municipality and the elderly – mutual dependence?" that a group of scientists conducted in cooperation with the municipality of Heby.

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