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Case stories

Here you will find stories about researchers and students who commercialise their discoveries and ideas, supported by us at UU Innovation.

Developing a new bone cement for vertebral fractures

Uppsala University researcher Cecilia Persson has developed a new elastic bone cement that can improve the treatment of elderly patients with fragile bones (osteoporosis) who have suffered a fracture of their spinal vertebrae. Her new company Inossia, started with colleague Malin Nilsson, has also secured funding to help optimise production and gain access to the clinical environment.

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Rapid diagnostic test for antibiotic resistance

Professor Johan Elf’s research group has developed methods that make it possible to study life’s processes in real-time at the molecular level. With this knowledge, scientists have now developed a rapid diagnostic test for antibiotic resistance in urinary tract infections.

Interview with Johan Elf

Funding from EIT Health shortens time to market

At the end of last year the company CADESS Medical received funding from EIT Health in order to accelerate time to market for its decision support system. Here's a short interview with co-founder, Ingrid Carlbom.

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Living her dream – researcher and entrepreneur

Discovering new things is an important driving force for Sara Mangsbo, Associate Professor at Uppsala University’s Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology. In addition to her research duties at the university, she is also Director of Research at the Uppsala company Immuneed AB. Being both a researcher and entrepreneur is a dream come true, even though there are times when she wishes that the day had more hours.

Interview with Sara Mangsbo

Fewer drug tests on animals and humans

A research team at the Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology have come up with an innovative way to analyze new drug compounds before they are tested on animals and humans – a mechanical model that mimics the workings of our own blood system.

BioFlow System

Develops a smart chopstick

Chopsticks that register movement and provide users with instant feedback also provide information about childrens fine motor skills in a way that was not possible before. Professor Gustaf Gredebäck and colleagues are developing a new type of chopstick that also functions as a learning aid.

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Hoping to revolutionise drug discovery

Innovative nano-particle technology that stabilises the functions of isolated membrane proteins opens up new opportunities for faster drug development and the production of more effective vaccines.

Salipro Biotech

Respond to a market survey? Yes please!

Market researchers often meet the same response as telephone sales callers. People just aren’t interested. But now a new way of getting people to respond is changing this attitude for the better by offering a simple yet enticing reward. It’s known as Uttr – and it could change the market research industry.


ResearchMate ends literature chaos and improves productivity

More order, less chaos. Plus that much sought-after feeling of complete control over text and literature workflows. That’s the aim of ResearchMate, a new web-based tool developed by Carina Carlhed and co-workers at Uppsala University’s Department of Education.


For the patient’s best

A new healthcare app that empowers patients and creates a better basis for treatment decision-making should also benefit healthcare as well as society in general.


A business journey that began in space

An entirely new type of space-based instrument for detecting extremely small quantities of gases looks destined to enjoy more earth-bound success, initially in environmental monitoring.

Fourth State Systems

Extracting more information from whole body scans

Innovative image analysis software technology known as Imiomics promises to deliver valuable new insights into medical information generated by whole body scanning techniques such as MRI, PET and CT.