10 good reasons to contact us - for those doing research at Uppsala University

  1. You have an idea or research finding: can it be commercialised?
  2. You are looking for contacts outside of academia and want to broaden your network.
  3. You need help deciding whether to patent your invention. Or you would simply find it useful to know more about patents and other IPR.
  4. You are interested in learning about challenges and knowledge needs in industry and specifically, how they relate to your research.
  5. You would like to start a collaborative project with a company.
  6. You need guidance on agreements, IPR, inventions and ownership in collaborations with external partners.
  7. You would like to partner with a mentor from industry and learn more about research-based entrepreneurship.
  8. You are looking for funding to develop your business idea or support collaboration with a company.
  9. You need support formulating utilisation and impact statements in grant applications or developing models to manage IPR in applications involving multiple partners and collaboration within a consortium.
  10. You would like us to visit your department or research team and explain the many ways we can help with collaboration, commercialisation and networking.

Contact us today!